2.  Project-Based Consulting Services

HBEC has extensive experience helping professional service organizations along with buyers of enterprise software successfully implement complex, enterprise software solutions.  HBEC also has extensive experience implementing tools and methodologies to improve service performance and client satisfaction.  The HBEC Service Execution Consulting Services address the following areas of focus:

  • Managing successful Implementations of Enterprise Software Solutions |

  • Defining and implementing Enterprise Standard Operating Platforms for CRM, Marketing Automation, Professional Services Automation, Financial system integration

  • Establishing and managing Strategic Partnerships (product and services) and Vendor Management Programs

  • Introducing and deploying tools and processes to Measure Client Satisfaction and Loyalty such as Net Promoter (NPS), transactional feedback survey tools, and project success measurements.

  • Implementing training, communication processes, KPI's and motivational factors to address Organizational Change Management that is a key success factor when implementing new systems and procedures.


HBEC provides consulting services focused in two primary disciplines:
1.  Optimizing Professional Service Organizations.   

HBEC's President, Dan Saltzman, has over 20 years executive experience leading professional service organizations, primarily with technology-based, SaaS businesses.   HBEC provides consulting services focused on improving services performance and bottom line results, with specific expertise in the following five areas: