It doesn't matter if your company has the best products in your market if your services team is unable to consistently and successfully implement your solutions and deliver outstanding support.  HBEC provides assessment tools and can help define and implement professional service programs designed to improve employee engagement, loyalty and job satisfaction.  

Compensation is perhaps the most frequently used motivator. It works, but studies show that only the prospect of receiving money in the near future is a strong enough motivator to change behavior. HBEC has extensive experience working with professional service organizations to:

  • Assess and objectively measure employee satisfaction at specific points in time and with regular weekly feedback tools 

  • Establish Departmental KPI's that align to corporate KPI's as well as individual performance goals that are SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relative, and Time-base).  Too often, organizations implement variable compensation programs for services that do not impact individual performance and can cause dissatisfaction.  This is especially true when services team members  have performance goals that are not within their control.

  • Create team structures and programs to develop centers of excellence, collaboration, team-building, skill development and employee loyalty 

Incenting excellent performance for Professional Service team members requires more than just  tracking UTILIZATION! 


In many  cases, employees have very little control over their work assignments and utilization.  HBEC works with service organizations to establish performance metrics that will impact behavior and appropriately reward the top performers.