I just cannot sit quiet anymore!

It would be a mistake to see all the anger, violence, vandalism as a reaction to one or two tragic racist events. It’s more like death by a thousand pinpricks. Violence and vandalism is never an acceptable solution. How could this be happening? Well, look at the history of war and terrorism. It usually occurs because one side sees themselves as a victim and powerless to influence change peacefully.

I think about our country’s reaction when Colin Kaepernick peacefully took a knee to raise awareness. He accomplished part of his goal, it got our attention. I wonder if we would be dealing with the violence occurring across the country now if 

DAN'S BLOG  - Thoughts on the Civil Unrest & Black Lives Matter - June 2, 2020
the reaction was more understanding and compassionate and led to real change. It is ironic - what Kaepernick did is exactly the kind of peaceful protest people are asking for now.
Our extremely polarized local and national politicians and the media have normalized blaming and hatred of people who don’t agree with their opinions and agenda. We are in an economic and social climate where collaboration, open communication and compassion are perceived as a weakness among our leaders. POTUS with his tweets and incendiary comments, will ensure this will not change (probably get worse) while he is in office.
Sad. Maybe it is like we are a country of addicts. We have to hit rock bottom before real change can occur. I sure hope this is rock bottom now. As for the real change, I hope human compassion and fairness will be the overwhelming message, too loud and strong to be ignored. The other alternative is worse - we could become a police state.
I was sitting on my patio last night as the sunset looking at the song bird in my tree. I had to remind myself that I am very fortunate to feel safe and at peace. Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel that way.