Honey Brook Enterprise Consulting (HBEC)
specializes in measuring and optimizing the quality and efficiency of
professional service organizations, primarily for SaaS software businesses.

HBEC welcomes Avertium (www.avertium.com) as a Premier Client.

HBEC donates a percentage of all revenues to
The Crime Victims' Center of Chester County
The Honey Brook Food Pantry

HBEC has helped numerous clients successfully implement Professional Services Automation (PSA) systems to track and measure services performance
and improve billing accuracy.

Honey Brook Enterprise Consulting has also helped companies with the evaluation, selection, implementation and optimization of platform systems including CRM, Marketing Automation, and Workforce Management systems.

Dan Saltzman has over 20 years of executive xperience responsible for leading professional service and client success organizations. He has implemented tools and business processes that improved client satisfaction and bottom line results.

Check out Dan's latest blog entry:
Age is the Path to Wisdom
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